Every volunteer must attend one training event in the Concordia Center.


We will be providing you with two training dates to choose from:

  • Saturday, February 1st at 10:00am

  • Monday, February 3rd at 6:30pm


This training will first outline volunteer best practices to ensure that our Honored Guests know and are treated like the most valuable and important people in the room. Following this presentation, volunteers will break out into their teams to receive training for their specific role at Night to Shine.


Childcare will be provided.


Bathroom Attendant Team (2 male, 2 female) FULL

Stand near the restrooms to help guests and offer assistance in the restroom if needed. If a guest requires assistance with more than getting in and out of a stall or hand washing, your responsibility is to then contact their parent or caregiver for assistance.

Buddy Team (130) FULL

Accompany and assist your assigned honored guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the event. Sit with them during dinner and dance the night away! Minimum age: 16

Buddy Check-In Team (3) FULL

Greet buddies, give them their lanyards and direct them to their team leader for a pre-event meeting on ensuring their assigned honored guest has the best prom experience possible. Minimum age: 21

Coat Check Team (4) FULL

Greet guests, take their coats, label them and hang them up. As guests leave, ask for their names and retrieve their coats. Collect and display Lost and Found items as necessary. Minimum age: 14

Dance Floor Team (10) FULL

Monitor the dance floor and the perimeter to make sure there are no “wallflowers.” Invite guests to dance and engage with them! Minimum age: 14

Flower Team (3) FULL

Assist the florist with unloading and properly arranging the corsages and boutonnieres. Warmly greet and help guests select and pin/slip on their flowers. Minimum age: 14

Food Service Team (12) FULL

Set up food and beverages at the dance, in the parent Respite Room and the volunteer room. Serve guests and parents during the prom and in the parent Respite Room. Minimum age: 14

Food Delivery Team (individual or families) FULL

Pick up donated and purchased food at various locations in the St. Louis area. Deliver food to Concordia by the designated time.

Guest Registration/Gift Bag Team (12) FULL

Warmly greet guests, sign them in, give them their lanyard and answer any questions they may have. After registration is complete set-up gift bags and assist with their distribution at the end of the evening. Minimum age: 16

Glam Team- Check-In (3) FULL

Arrive at the designated time and assist setting up the area as needed. Welcome guests and assist them to a station for hair, makeup and nail services. Minimum age: 16

Glam Team - Licensed Professionals (12) FULL

Glam up the guests with beautiful hairdos and/or make up with a touch of glitter upon request. Minimum age: 18

Shoe Shine Team (2) FULL

Shine the honored guests shoes before they head to the red carpet. Minimum age: 16

Security/Safety Team (3) FULL

Support on-site uniformed Law Enforcement personnel by ensuring a safe and secure environment for guests and volunteers. Walk around and monitor the main event space and outdoor areas, making sure exits are not blocked and all areas remain wheelchair accessible.

Medical Team (2) FULL

Assist uniformed professional EMT personnel at the event by providing basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies. No medication will be administered by the medical team.

Red Carpet Team (80) FULL

Treat honored guests like celebrities and VIPs while they walk the red carpet. Clap, cheer and have a great time! Minimum age: 10 with a parent

Parking Team (4) FULL

Maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit. Maintain open fire and emergency lanes. Minimum age: 16

Respite Room Assistant Team (2) FULL

Love on the parents/caregivers and assist with the various activities that will be taking place during the respite event taking place simultaneous to the prom including dinner, live music, prayer, manicures and more. Minimum age: 21

Sensory Room (2) FULL

Spend time with the guests who may have become over-stimulated on the dance floor or in other areas of the prom. Interact with them by participating in sensory activities, singing or listening to calming music or simply providing them with some quiet time. Minimum age: 21

Set Up Team (10 decorations, 10 big stuff) 

Arrive at the designated time and execute event set-up as assigned. Minimum age: 14

Limo Team (4) FULL

Assist guests in and out of the limo, determine comfortable capacity for each distinct group of riders and engage with the guests while they wait to embark on their ride in the limo around the block. Minimum age: 16

Volunteer Check-In Team (3) FULL

Greet volunteers, give them their lanyards and direct them to their team leaders. At the end of the evening, check the volunteers out, retrieve their lanyards and make sure they collect their gift. Minimum Age: 18

Karaoke Team (4) FULL

Help the guests in line choose a song and ensure they are having fun while they wait their turn. Cue up the music. Sing and dance and have a good time! Minimum age: 16

Greeter Team (2) FULL

Warmly greet honored guests and their families as they enter the building. Direct them to registration and the coat check and answer any questions. Minimum age: 18

Photography Assistant Team (2) FULL

Keep the photo line moving smoothly. Keep photos organized as they are printed and place in frames to be picked up by the guests at the end of the evening with their gift bags. You will NOT be taking photos. Minimum age: 18

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